Delphi Day Tour from Athens


Delphi lies on the southern side of Mount Parnassus, 185 kilometres north of Athens. In ancient times the area was called Pytho, but many myths developed over time about whimsical Delphi. One can understand why Delphi was Apollo’s sacred city and home oracle.

Oracle of Delphi

Just like many other ancient sites in Greece, Delphi does not disappoint in meaningful importance and prestige. Ancient Greeks and many other peoples regarded it as the center of the center of world or, more precisely, the Navel of the World. Not only was it regarded as such, but it also housed the Oracle of Delphi where the infamous Pythia lived.

Greeks and Romans used to flock to Delphi to consult Pythia for their important, one could even say critical, life decisions. In our modern day, she was something of a life consultant who served also as an ‘interface’ between Deity and mere Mortals. Back then, thousands were taking the difficult, dangerous, and long voyage for her consultation.

Temple of Apollo and the Delphi Archaeological Museum

The archaeological site of Delphi includes the Temple of Apollo, the ancient theater that offers a spectacular view of the entire sanctuary, and the ancient stadium which was originally built in the 5th century B.C.

Temples dedicated to the Olympian Gods are scattered all over mainland Greece, and we have made sure to include the most important ones in our tours, not only in Cape Sounion (internal link) but also in ancient Corinth (internal link), ancient Olympia (internal link) and other locations.

The recently renovated Delphi Archaeological Museum is a must-see attraction near Athens, not only for its beautifully preserved artifacts but also for the world star that the Charioteer (Ηνιοχος) Statue is.

Delphi Olive Grove & Arachova

While you are visiting Delphi, do not forget to peer right or west to see the UNESCO-protected olive grove of Delphi stretch down to the sea. It is quite a unique combination of ancient history and natural beauty.

Before reaching Delphi, we will drive through Arachova, a location that during the winter season, transforms into a classy modern ski resort that thrives not only on winter sports but nightlife too. Greece is an all-year-round tourism destination after all.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All our routes are strictly carried out by professional licensed drivers. It is against the Law for drivers to be tour guides. However, if you wish to hire a professional tour guide we can make the necessary arrangements for a certified tour guide to accompany you and give you the full history of the sites and monuments.



Duration 8-9 hours

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